War for the Web
14 05.12

The Broadband Crunch

There's a great feature on Ars Technica this week about data, and more importantly how data moves. Broadband makes the Internet work; physical cables, physical wires that connect servers and computers all over the globe are the backbone of the Internet globally. Installing these cables is expensive; maintaining them is expensive. So what happens when the cables we have no longer carry enough traffic to support our growing data habits? Read more
28 04.12

the Internet and Regulation

CISPA is the latest Internet bill to head to congress. After SOPA and PIPA, the response has been muted, but still there. CISPA is problematic, could lead to censorship and undoubtedly gives the government too much control over data. But here's the thing. Something like this is probably inevitable. Read more
23 04.12

The Digital Divide exemplified

The Digital Divide is sort of an amorphous concept, unless you're on the wrong side of it. Most of us use the Internet for Facebook, Twitter and catching up, most of the time. But we also do things like post Resumes online, and apply for jobs, and send emails to bosses and for opportunities, and we should not take those for granted because there are people who cannot do that, and it costs. Take the story of Wilhelmina Tsosie. This is a woman who served in the United States Armed forces, then moved back home to start a family. Now she's trying to improve her prospects by getting an education. That's the American dream. But Wilhelmina is having trouble finishing school because in order to complete online tests and homework assignments for her nursing program, she has to drive 30 miles to a hotel, squat in their lobby and use their connection. Now that gas prices are rising, she has to decide between completing her assignments and feeding her family. You can probably guess which wins. Read more
19 04.12

Censoring the Web

So, Iran isn't going to shut off the entire outside world's Internet, but they do want to implement a really stringent system of censorship and filtering. They've put out an RFI to tech companies all over to help them accomplish their goals. Read more
06 04.12

Iran: A Private Internet

Iran has begun to block Tor traffic. Tor is a program that allows you to anonymize your Internet traffic by disguising where it comes from. By blocking Tor traffic Iran is basically telling its citizens that it will monitor their Internet traffic, and it will prevent them from disguising it. Read more
28 03.12

Packet Switching: First Look

Feel free to leave comments on the video here. We definitely want to hear what you think of our first attempt to explain the workings behind the Internet. Read more
27 03.12

Verizon and Cable, an unlikely friendship

Normally you would expect two companies offering the same services in different ways to compete with one another. That's the principal of the free market, let the best product win, et cetera. But with Verizon, Comcast, and Cox, competitors in the same industry offering the same services to consumers, this isn't what is happening. I cannot possibly give a better, more detailed explanation of what is happening than Harold Feld of Public Knowledge, so check out his explanation here: Harold Feld's Insanely Long Field Guide to the Verizon Deal. Read more
26 03.12

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Here's a great dilemma that illustrates the physicality of the Internet, and the real dollars that drive it. When the Justice Department shut down Megaupload, they froze Megaupload's ability to pay its bills. Megaupload's ISP, Carpathia Hosting, cancelled their service contract. Carpathia Hosting houses all of megaupload's content. Everything that consumers have uploaded to the site lives on Carpathia servers and hard drives. Read more

We got a shout out on Tech News Today!

Tech News Today gave us a shout out on the weekly podcast. Check out the video! Read more
22 03.12

Gizmodo’s case against Google

Gizmodo has an article today titled "The case against Google." It's an interesting read, and details some of the changes Google has made to its platform overall. It also details some of the transgressions that the author feels Google has made to its mantra "Do no evil." We believe that this article is misguided. The issue at hand is not Google or its platform changes. Google has every right to make whatever platform changes it wants. In addition it is a publicly traded company, it has an obligation to its shareholders to continue to make a profit. It needs to think be innovative to do that, otherwise it risks a lawsuit over mismanagement. Read more