War for the Web


13 03.12

Americans and the Internet

As our reliance on the Internet in this country grows more every day, and we depend on an open connection to the world wide web to conduct business, personal relationships and everything else in our lives, there are a plethora of facts that we don't consider. Read more
08 03.12

Walled Gardens

There's a term that comes up a lot when you talk about the bad old days of the Internet, before the world wide web when AOL, Compuserve and others provided access only to their networks, and not to the Internet as a whole. These were called walled gardens. The open Internet presented a vast improvement over walled gardens for a variety of reasons. First and foremost they opened the Internet to competition. In the era of walled gardens, content on the AOL network was approved by AOL. That means that the only applications, content and information that could be offered to AOL subscribers came from AOL. They acted as gatekeepers to their users and censors to the web overall. Read more
05 03.12

War for the Web

A documentary about the Internet obviously has a lot of cool elements but one of our personal favorites is the historical aspect. The Internet was invented in the 1970's by young computer scientists in a burgeoning field. Many people from the early days are still around (Rest in Peace, Jon Postel) and there is a tremendous opportunity to record history first hand. Read more
29 02.12

Kickstarter update, plus some cool stuff

So, our kickstarter is up and running, and after our first weekend we're already 3% towards our goal. We're really excited to be using the platform and would encourage you all to take a look at the site. Read more
24 02.12

And we’re up!

Check out War for the Web's Kickstarter campaign and take home some cool War for the Web swag. Happy Friday everyone! Read more
21 02.12

Mike Medavoy has agreed to come on as one of the Executive Producers of War for the Web

Mike Medavoy (Black Swan, Shutter Island, The Thin Red Line), chairman and co-founder of Phoenix Pictures and co-founder of Orion, has agreed to come on as one of the Executive Producers on Cloak and Dagger and Wild Wild Web’s feature documentary War for the Web. Mike brings years of experience in Hollywood and is one of the entertainment industry’s top filmmakers. We are looking forward to our collaboration with Mike and meeting his rigorous standards. Read more
19 02.12

Huge data centers bought and sold!

All that data that the Internet has live somewhere. What, you thought that Wikipedia just appeared out of thin air by some sort of magic? No! It's brought to you, through a series of tubes and wires. And cables and servers and by using tons of electricity. Read more
17 02.12

Lightsquared might be over

The FCC dealt a massive blow to a new technology that promised high speed wireless data networks for all (particularly for Sprint customers). The trouble has been brewing for some time, but has finally come to a head with the FCC rescinding it's conditional approval of the network. Read more
15 02.12

The Internet is run by people

There is a great story on Gizmodo today. We forget that the Internet is run by real people. An example is Cornerhost. Cornerhost is web hosting service. It is the Internet equivalent of a mom and pop shop. It's run by one guy, and his customers depend on him for everything. Read more
13 02.12

Anonymous hacked the Boston Police

So, Anonymous took down the Boston Police department's community page, with their usual MO. As frustrating as this may seem the BPD appeared to take it in stride, releasing a comical video by several officers discussing how distraught they were by the takedown. Read more