War for the Web

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30 03.13

Internet (In)security

So last week there's been a whole hubbub about how a DDOS attack in Northern Europe is bringing down the whole Internet. We should be clear on something; the Internet is fine. Now, that doesn't mean it's not troubling. DDOS attacks happen all the time, but this DDOS attack is roughly 6 times larger than any we've really seen previously, and there are some Internet outtages in Northern Europe. All that said, Gizmodo has a really great explanation of what's really going on, which you can check out here. Read more
16 01.13

Excerpts from Aaron Swartz Interview – July 10, 2012

We met Aaron Swartz in spring of 2012 at the Freedom 2 Connect conference in Washington D.C. As one of the keynote speakers, he told his story about how he and a group of passionate Internet users rose up against a Goliath of government and corporate interests to defeat the infamous SOPA/PIPA bill. With calm understated confidence, Aaron reminded all of us of the power we have within ourselves to effect change in the system. Read more
30 05.12

Eben Moglen: [We] are losing the right to be left alone