War for the Web

‘Digital Divide’

25 09.13

Wifi (in)security

It came out a few weeks ago that Google, the benevolent giant, has access to all the wireless passwords stored on Android devices. For the uninitiated, let me explain how this works. Read more
28 03.13

Battlefield Internet

We often get asked, what is War for the Web about. We have a really good elevator pitch down about the physical infrastructure of the Internet, and the way that ownership works, etc... We can rattle it off no problem. And those are all great descriptions of the film, but they aren't what the film is about. Read more
01 01.13

The Internet as a Utility?

This past summer, we had the good fortune of sitting down with Susan Crawford to discuss the issues affecting Internet use today in the United States. She's always been a proponent of overhauling the Internet regulatory structure in the United States, and for good reason. She recently wrote a great article for Bloomberg, outlining the Internet as a utility, and advocating some pretty important regulatory changes. You can find that article here. Read more
23 04.12

The Digital Divide exemplified

The Digital Divide is sort of an amorphous concept, unless you're on the wrong side of it. Most of us use the Internet for Facebook, Twitter and catching up, most of the time. But we also do things like post Resumes online, and apply for jobs, and send emails to bosses and for opportunities, and we should not take those for granted because there are people who cannot do that, and it costs. Take the story of Wilhelmina Tsosie. This is a woman who served in the United States Armed forces, then moved back home to start a family. Now she's trying to improve her prospects by getting an education. That's the American dream. But Wilhelmina is having trouble finishing school because in order to complete online tests and homework assignments for her nursing program, she has to drive 30 miles to a hotel, squat in their lobby and use their connection. Now that gas prices are rising, she has to decide between completing her assignments and feeding her family. You can probably guess which wins. Read more