War for the Web

March 2015

12 03.15

Freedom 2 Connect

War for the Web had the good fortune to attend David Isenberg’s Freedom 2 Connect conference last week and as always we never cease to be struck by the incredible activist community surrounding the Internet. Freedom 2 Connect’s audience encompasses everyone from Lawyers and lobbyists to grass roots activists to tech geeks and grizzly old time computer experts. It’s amazing to watch a single man bring together such a diverse group of people and unite them in a common cause, and our hat is off to David to making it happen. While the conference covered many different topics and sessions examined everything from the surveillance state to the recent FCC reclassification decision, War for the Web was struck by a very specific observation, and one that we think resonates not just in regards to the Internet, but American society as a whole. Read more
01 03.15

Title 1, Title 2, and the future of the Internet

Here at War for the Web, we’ve been very excited to follow the progress of the activist groups pursuing a “title 2” strategy for the Internet. We’ve felt from the very beginning of this project that Title 2 is an important regulatory change for the Internet and we’re glad to see the FCC begin this process. This is a major victory for the forces of net neutrality and those interested in keeping the Internet competitive and available. We celebrate our friends at Fight for the Future, Democracy Now, Demand Progress, the EFF, and the variety of other institutions that fought and ultimately won this battle; but the war for the web isn’t over, not by a long shot. Title 2 isn’t a panacea, but rather a framework into which we can build more effective rules to govern the Internet’s infrastructure. Read more