War for the Web

September 2013

30 09.13

Snowden, the NSA, and the ITU

There's been a lot of uproar over the last few months since Snowden's disclosures about the NSA's unprecedented surveillance of the Internet at large; and the consequences have been incredibly damaging for US interests both at home and abroad. The NSA's reckless actions will have two sets of distinct long-term consequences for American business and the Internet at large. Read more
25 09.13

Wifi (in)security

It came out a few weeks ago that Google, the benevolent giant, has access to all the wireless passwords stored on Android devices. For the uninitiated, let me explain how this works. Read more
23 09.13

Taken Down

Piracy is a big issue, there's no doubt about it. Certainly with Hollywood blockbusters flopping all summer, there's more concern than ever about pirated TV content, movies, and music eating into the profits of the studios and record labels. Read more
16 09.13

The War for the Web is heating up

When we, as filmmakers, talk about the War for the Web, we are not talking about some abstract battle taking place, but about real battles taking place behind closed doors. The latest update on that front is the FCC and Verizon court case taking place now, which will determine whether the FCC can regulate the Internet, and by the same token, whether Verizon has the right to restrict access to its customers based on how much content providers are willing to pay. Read more