War for the Web

January 2013

24 01.13

Susan Crawford in the New York Times

War for the Web interview subject Susan Crawford published a great editorial in the times today. One of the reasons we love Susan is because she is never afraid to recommend solutions to problems. The particular problem she discusses today is core to the entire structural problem the Internet faces today. Without a competitive marketplace for Internet services in the United States, we cannot hope to compete with the rest of the world. Read more
16 01.13

Excerpts from Aaron Swartz Interview – July 10, 2012

We met Aaron Swartz in spring of 2012 at the Freedom 2 Connect conference in Washington D.C. As one of the keynote speakers, he told his story about how he and a group of passionate Internet users rose up against a Goliath of government and corporate interests to defeat the infamous SOPA/PIPA bill. With calm understated confidence, Aaron reminded all of us of the power we have within ourselves to effect change in the system. Read more
12 01.13

A Sad Week for the Internet

This week we mourn the loss of two men who were integral to the formation of War for the Web, and who, moreover, dedicated the majority of their lives to the Internet in the most meaningful ways imaginable. The world is poorer for the absence of Wally Feurzeig and Aaron Swartz. Read more
01 01.13

The Internet as a Utility?

This past summer, we had the good fortune of sitting down with Susan Crawford to discuss the issues affecting Internet use today in the United States. She's always been a proponent of overhauling the Internet regulatory structure in the United States, and for good reason. She recently wrote a great article for Bloomberg, outlining the Internet as a utility, and advocating some pretty important regulatory changes. You can find that article here. Read more