War for the Web
16 03.12


There have also been some exciting updates on the Internet front. Some of the latest news is the Yahoo lawsuits, and the major telecoms getting investigated for price-fixing. Yahoo has sued Facebook, basically stating that basically their entire service is a violation of Yahoo’s intellectual property. Yahoo’s patents are fairly vague and cover a whole host of services offered by other websites as well, and so the larger issue at hand is that if Facebook loses this lawsuit, how many other websites and services will be affected as well. It is an interesting case because it really brings to the forefront the problems faced by software patents. Check out more about the debate at Ars Technica.

The other note, about the telecoms has more to do with spectrum and bandwidth. Comcast and several others have entered an agreement with Verizon to sell their spectrum holdings to the wireless company in exchange for cross platform marketing of fixed line services. It’s sort of a cartel type mentality, and obviously the Judicial department is investigating. Check out more about this story at deadline.com

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