War for the Web
13 03.12

Americans and the Internet

As our reliance on the Internet in this country grows more every day, and we depend on an open connection to the world wide web to conduct business, personal relationships and everything else in our lives, there are a plethora of facts that we don’t consider.

The Internet is not an infinite resource, but rather a vast finite resource. Here in the United States we pay a much higher average cost than users in other countries around the globe. We also have slower service than many countries around the globe. In fact, we rank 26th in speed ratings.

Americans are consuming 3.6 zettabytes of data per day. That fills so many hard drives that if you stack them on top of each other, the column would stretch over half of the distance to the Sun. That’s every day.

Data takes up space. It doesn’t just exist in an ethereal space that we refer to as the Internet, or in another dimension. There are data centers all over the world that house this data, and feed it bit by bit (literally) out into the Internet over giant cables that literally encircle the globe so that we can check our sports scores, watch video, and browse the Web.

It’s pretty crazy, in some ways it seems more like a giant Rube Goldberg machine than high technology, but maybe that’s all the high tech is; the latest contraption that improves our lives, gives us more than we had before, and lets us aspire to even greater heights.

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