War for the Web
15 02.12

The Internet is run by people

There is a great story on Gizmodo today. We forget that the Internet is run by real people. An example is Cornerhost. Cornerhost is web hosting service. It is the Internet equivalent of a mom and pop shop. It’s run by one guy, and his customers depend on him for everything.

This is turning out to be a bit of a problem. You see, the security certificate and its Domain Name Registration are set to expire and now customers can’t get in touch with the man who runs cornerhost and all the websites he serves are at risk of disappearing from the Internet.

Big companies like GoDaddy and others have automated systems that renew DNS registrations, and that back up your data, and that ensure that your website will always exist. Small companies don’t have that infrastructure, and so when a human fails, the system fails.

It’s quite an interesting look at how the Internet, a lot of the Internet at least, runs on human power. This isn’t an automated machine that we all interact with, it’s run by real people.

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