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17 02.12

Lightsquared might be over

The FCC dealt a massive blow to a new technology that promised high speed wireless data networks for all (particularly for Sprint customers). The trouble has been brewing for some time, but has finally come to a head with the FCC rescinding it’s conditional approval of the network.

Lightsquared intended to use the parts of the wireless spectrum usually reserved for satellite communications to create a massive network for Internet and Voice service. It’s a great idea in theory, but unfortunately Lightsquared with GPS technology and transmission. GPS is used for location positioning by commercial aviation, farmers, construction contractors, and… wait for it…. the Military! Good luck going up against the pentagon, boys.

The real problem is that the interference isn’t Lightsquared’s fault. Lightsquared operates on the Satellite telephone spectrum, which is right next to GPS on the spectrum. GPS device manufacturers have been fairly relaxed in building their devices and they pick up interference from surrounding spectrum. It would take the FAA about 10 years to design and implement new GPS systems, not to mention the expense involved.

Plus… the Military.

The New York Times has a good article about it, but I’d encourage you to read more. Wireless is the future of the Internet after all.

…if the military doesn’t kill it.

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