War for the Web
19 02.12

Huge data centers bought and sold!

All that data that the Internet has live somewhere. What, you thought that Wikipedia just appeared out of thin air by some sort of magic? No! It’s brought to you, through a series of tubes and wires. And cables and servers and by using tons of electricity.

375 Pearl Street is the latest data center to go on the market. This is the big building you see as you travel into Manhattan on the Brooklyn Bridge. You know, the one that says “Verizon” on the top.

The building was not owned by Verizon at any point in recent history, but it was going to be refitted as an office building. Until the Sabey Corporation bought it instead and decided to open NYC’s largest data center. Over 1 million square feet and consumes as much power as 2,000 average sized homes.

More details, plus a discussion of other data centers in New York, check out the Times article.

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