War for the Web
13 01.12


At CES, there was an open panel discussion of the bills currently making their way through congress that threaten the way the Internet works. The two bills, SOPA and PIPA, as they are colloquially known, are really pretty awful. They remove most due process requirements for anyone accused of pirating copyrighted material.

It’s really important to protect copyrighted material, just ask Disney, but it’s also important to consider the rest of the Internet, which is a huge, vibrant ecosystem that drives a huge portion of our economy. This bill threatens to change that.

It is a really involved debate, there are a lot of nuances and positions. A recent Ars article describes some of the problems, but please look up as much about the bill as you can. It has the potentially to radically change the Internet.

Reddit is calling for a blackout on bill. They’re scared.

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