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04 01.12

SOPA and GoDaddy

Sorry for the silence over the holidays. Traveling and such left us silent. It is worth noting a few things that happened over the holidays.

GoDaddy has been a major proponent of SOPA for quite a while. They stand to make a handy profit from the new law, as GoDaddy has been selected as a domain host that would have traffic rerouted to it by the DOJ should the law get passed.

In light of this, there’s been quite a backlash against GoDaddy among website owners and those who use the Internet. SOPA is very unpopular with a lot of people, mostly average Americans and small business owners who rely on the Internet to provide goods and services to customers. SOPA has the potential to change the way these entrepreneurs can interact with their customers.

As a result, a lot of them were threatening to leave GoDaddy, to move their hosting services to a different provider. Well, GoDaddy looked like it was going to stand strong, and maintain its stance in favor of SOPA. Then a strike was called, a single day was picked where a lot of people were going to move. The moves started, GoDaddy delayed the moves as much as it could (which is pretty unethical), and then finally reversed its stance on SOPA. It is unclear what good it did them, as the delays they caused people in moving their domains didn’t win them any friends.

Details of the incident can be found at Ars Technica.

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