War for the Web
12 01.12


This past week was the Consumer Electronics Show, so obviously there was a lot going on in the world of electronics. Only some of this really touched on the Internet, so here are some of the highlights.

A new company, ViaSat has been upgrading their satellite infrastructure nationwide. The goal is to compensate for the higher latency times that satellite based internet requires by offering higher throughput speeds. Apparently it sort of works. Page loads and video streaming are great, VOIP service has a noticable delay, and online gaming is out of the question. You can read more about their coverage here.

It’s a great concept as long as you recognize the limitations.

Pro-PIPA (Protect IP Act, the counterpart to SOPA that is currently going through the Senate) group “Creative America” is apparently stealing their email content transparently from an Anti-PIPA group “Public Knowledge”. Unsurprising I guess, but certainly troubling. Not the first time that major studios have made errors like this.



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