War for the Web

January 2012

31 01.12

We’re back

While we were briefly offline last week there was quite a bit of news. First Megaupload was pillaged by the FBI. I use that term loosely since it is a pretty fair assessment to say that Megaupload also assisted those who do actually pirate content. Read more
18 01.12

A SOPA Cheatsheet

Gizmodo has a really good sheet that outlines the issues and problems with SOPA. I'm pasting the text below, but please go check it out on Gizmodo's site. What Is SOPA? If you hadn't heard of SOPA before, you probably have by now: Some of the internet's most influential sites—Reddit and Wikipedia among them—are going dark to protest the much-maligned anti-piracy bill. But other than being a very bad thing, what is SOPA? And what will it mean for you if it passes? Read more
17 01.12

Google, Scribd, WordPress all threatening to Join Protest

A variety of well known tech sites are planning to join Wikipedia's Wednesday protest of SOPA. Google has announced some possible action, and Scribd, Wordpress, and the EFF are all planning to join in. Read more

The President on SOPA

Obama has come out against SOPA and PIPA, which is a really nice gesture, albeit possibly a cynical one. We are heading into an election season. That said, he left the door open to reconsidering if some of the wording was changed. Read more
16 01.12

New Internet Names!

CANN, the Internet's governing body, is all set to release new suffixes for companies to apply for and purchase. This means the company IBM could someday purchase .ibm and use it instead of .com. Read more
13 01.12


12 01.12


This past week was the Consumer Electronics Show, so obviously there was a lot going on in the world of electronics. Only some of this really touched on the Internet, so here are some of the highlights. Read more
05 01.12

Internet as a Human Right

Internet access is not a human right. It should not be considered as such. To call something a Human Right gives it an importance that a piece of technology should not have. Rather, the Internet is a tool for achieving a human right. It allows free speech, it allows freedom of access to information. As curators of this tool, Vint argues that engineers have an obligation to the entire community to ensure that this platform is safe and secure. Read more
04 01.12

SOPA and GoDaddy

GoDaddy has been a major proponent of SOPA for quite a while. They stand to make a handy profit from the new law, as GoDaddy has been selected as a domain host that would have traffic rerouted to it by the DOJ should the law get passed. Read more