War for the Web

November 2011

29 11.11


A new article in The Atlantic makes the case that the Internet isn't actually all that innovative. In fact, the argument is that while the Internet has undoubtedly added value to the economy it has some unquantifiable attributes, like the fact that it has lowered the price of entertainment almost across the board, in many cases to free. Read more
17 11.11

Copyright on the Internet

There's a bill headed through congress right now, in both the house and the Senate, that threatens the entire Internet. The bill, called "Protect IP" in the Senate, and "SOPA" in the house, would give content owners, such as the major movie studios and broadcast networks, the power to shut down websites that they claim infringe upon their content. There would be no hearing, there would be no trial, there would be no justice system involved at all. Rather, the DNS system, which is what allows the Internet to function, would be re-written to hid infringing sites, and credit card processing companies could be held liable for doing business with them. Read more
11 11.11

Access for all

09 11.11


he Internet is a physical thing. While it doesn't live and breath, there's a whole ton of cables, wires, pipes, air conditioners, servers, etc... that make the whole network function. the infrastructure is a pretty fascinating topic, and it really makes a person aware of the actual physical investment required to build the Internet and maintain service. This stuff isn't free, or even cheap. Creating a worldwide Internet is an infrastructure project akin to creating the railroad, or putting satellites in orbit from a manpower and cost perspective. Read more