War for the Web
24 10.11

Gigabit fiber for $70 per month you say? Where is this fiber you speak of…

An ISP in Silicon Valley is offering gigabit Internet connections for 69.99/month. This is in stark and utter contrast to the major ISPs. As this Ars Technica article points out, in Chicago for a speed of 105 megabits per second, you pay Comcast 200/month. In New York City a consumer would pay 100/month to Time Warner for a 50 megabit connection.

That’s what makes Sonic.net so unique. Instead of trying to use access to the Internet as a gateway to simply charge consumers more for more access, Sonic is offering services in addition to Internet access. Where most ISPs are offering artificially limited Internet speeds that allow them to keep their costs down and their revenues high, Sonic is focusing in long-term investment in faster Internet connections for all.

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