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26 09.11

Pardon our appearance

Hello Internet!

We have been under construction for the last three months getting ready to launch the website that you see. So, we have been a bit delinquent in posting articles, links, etc. that we find interesting and exciting. These links will all pertain to the ongoing debate surrounding the idea of Network Neutrality.

It turns out, really as no surprise to anyone, that Network Neutrality is a pretty amorphous term that is used to describe a vast number of debates and arguments taking place about the Internet. To some, Network Neutrality refers to freedom of speech and freedom of access to information. To others, Network Neutrality means government intrusion into the Internet ecosystem, a system that many say has functioned perfectly without government regulation for 15 years.

It is a complicated debate to be sure, but perhaps the most important one taking place in the United States right now. To catch you up on what you may have missed while we were under construction, we are posting a selection of articles and links we uncovered over the last several months.

Net Neutrality explained (by a guy in the shower)

FCC Commissioner slams N. Carolina attack on city-owned broadband

The Woz Weighs in!

Protect IP: It is almost literal.

Network Neutrality regulation is convoluted

The French want to civilize the Internet

Obama and Net Neutrality

Dutch first in the Net Neutrality race

Does the Internet isolate you?

Browser versus content: who will win?

Check back often for more Net Neutrality news as well as updates on our ongoing production of a documentary about the Internet and its future.

-The War for the Web team


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