War for the Web
27 09.11

News from around the Interwebs

The world is always changing. Apple is not letting employees take vacations during October, so we can only assume that they are launching a new iPhone, offering us a new gadget. Health insurance premiums have gone up a whopping 9% this year, which is bad news for most people.

And the Internet is changing the world. A great recent example was highlighted by the New York Times recently, in a story about middlemen. See, people once thought the Internet would kill the middlemen, because now companies could sell directly to the consumer. No need for retail, if you have amazon.com.

But on the business side of things, middlemen are still extraordinarily necessary. The company highlighted in the Times article connects local restaurants and boutique food trucks with high tech businesses that buy lunch for their employees. The service basically acts as an aggregator. Instead of having all their employees order from a single restaurant, or choose a single catering service, they get to offer all of the areas restaurants via a simple single order form.

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