War for the Web

September 2011

30 09.11

A big day

The FCC is publishing a new set of "Network Neutrality" rules in November. This set of rules has been highly anticipated. In fact, Verizon has already tried to sue the FCC over the network neutrality rules but was stymied because the rules had not been published yet. So it is only natural for us to expect a lawsuit now that the rules have been published. Read more
27 09.11

News from around the Interwebs

The world is always changing. Apple is not letting employees take vacations during October, so we can only assume that they are launching a new iPhone, offering us a new gadget. Health insurance premiums have gone up a whopping 9% this year, which is bad news for most people. Read more
26 09.11

Pardon our appearance

We have been under construction for the last three months getting ready to launch the website that you see. So, we have been a bit delinquent in posting articles, links, etc. that we find interesting and exciting. These links will all pertain to the ongoing debate surrounding the idea of Network Neutrality. Read more