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07 02.11

The Internet is still out of room, but….

So, the web ran out of addresses last Thursday, but what does that really mean? We aren’t talking about domain names here, those will probably never run out. Domain names actually use something called DNS services to link to an IP address, which is how the Internet actually talks to itself. So, these IP addresses in their current state, IPv4, have all been allocated. They have no been assigned, but they’ve been allocated, which means that if a big ISP, like comcast, needs a block of IP addresses, they won’t be able to get it. To get around this, they’re doing something called IP address sharing, meaning they’re basically splitting the address between two people. This isn’t a huge problem, but it has the potential to cause problems.

There’s a second, long term solution to this problem, and that’s to implement a new IP system; they’re in the process of doing this now, it’s called IPv6 and it has an almost unlimited number of usable IP addresses. (IPv4 is 12 characters long, which allows up to 3.7 billion usable addresses, IPv6 has 39 digits, read unlimited number of addresses)

Anyways, it’s a lot more complicated than it should be, but the bottom line is that the Internet is out of room, there is a solution, but except some problems.

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