War for the Web
12 02.11

The Internet is an open window on the World

CNN has a headline today: “How a Dictator Fell in 18 days.” I haven’t read the article but I linked to a different article about the Internet, because that’s the answer. The article I linked to makes the case that the Internet allows us to see the world, that we’re all connected and so public opinion is formed more quickly and without the consent of mass media. That’s a great point, because as Gizmodo points out, the major news networks have been waiting for the White House to take a line on this whole mess, which it can’t do without really pissing off a major ally in the region; but public opinion has already formed. We all saw what happened because we can all see tons of content all the time online for free. It allows information to flow freely worldwide. Obviously there are exceptions to this, like China and Iran, where the Internet is censored (also certain ISPs in the US, but that’s a different story). Overall though, the free flow of information is what allows the world to make up its mind on a story like this, without the spin of the white house.

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