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10 02.11

The Internet and Dissent

Mubarak is known for being oppressive. It was said that if there were 5 people in the same room discussing a public protest, one of them would work for Mubarak. In the face of that, it’s incredible how unprepared he was for the digital age. While he clearly has the ability to turn off the web, he didn’t seem to really understand how to control it. As this article points out, a set of young, intelligent, and tech savvy professionals was able to initiate the enormous protests that we’re seeing using the Internet. They never had to meet, they never had to expose themselves, because Mubarak’s secret police didn’t know where to look.

And yet the things driving these protesters are the same things that drive protesters everywhere.They are young and motivated to make changes, many of them met in school, and carried their ideology forward with them out of school. It’s the same motives that have driven protest throughout history. Pretty amazing the effect that a new medium of communication can have.

Reposted from the New York Times.

Read the article: The Internet and Dissent

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