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19 02.11

The House of Representatives Doesn’t like net neutrality

So, Net Neutrality is a big issue these days, and the FCC has tried to introduce a bill that would prevent internet service providers from treating different customers differently (one of the tenets of net neutrality is that all data is the same, it’s all 1’s and 0’s, and so it it should be treated the same). That is, clients who stream video will pay more for video based data than for email and such. While it’s fine for ISPs to charge per usage, like for more data, it isn’t really right for them to base their decisions on what that data is, because it all moves through the network in the same way. Well, congress thinks it is ok, and in an effort to prevent Obama from introducing regulation, they are blocking the bill introduced by the FCC to prevent this.

Net Neutrality is the biggest question of our generation, it’s the turning point for the Internet. We have an open internet now, you can get anywhere you want, as long as you know how. That option may be disappearing, you may have to pay more for certain services that you now take for granted. This loss of openness could have devastating consequences for innovation, experimentation, and the entire experience of the Internet. It’s up to everyone who uses the Internet to be a part of the conversation about the Internet, so please let your congressperson know how important a free and open Internet is to you.

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