War for the Web

Translated from Albanian

War for the Web: Documentary about the fight to protect the Internet

A documentary very interesting at first glance, is seeking our assistance funding. The project titled "The War For The Web" and its main purpose is to bring to the attention of as many people the biggest problems with the internet in the world, from a user's data privacy and to the problems of the functioning of ISPs.

The initiative was launched through Indiegogo, a website similar to Kickstarter, which helps such projects receive funding from the public. Although a part of the film have long been completed, production group still needs around 200,000 U.S. dollars.

The situation seems still not optimal as well remain 26 days and so far only collected a little more than 1,000 USD. Although the topics covered by the documentary is likely to target the U.S. market only, in case you seem somehow an attractive theme, then we invite you to give you your contribution to the realization of this documentary.

Below you can take a look at the poster of this project.

War for the Web - Poster

Below follow one after another sinopsi promo co carried out for the project.

Do we have freedom of speech? Do we have the right to privacy? Security right?

The same rights that protect democracy for generations in a row, are already at risk in one of the countries that were not expected: the ring. The Internet can happen as an open forum, but behind closed doors, a real struggle taking place between government entities and corporations to control this virtual unviersi, affecting our access to the Internet, things that can be shipped, pages can shfletojmë and safety data to send daily.

The bitter truth is that very few of us possess real knowledge about how the Internet works. Although the United States was brought to life this miracle, egotistical all these years has left the country back in this direction. With the development of technology, our infrastructures is altered. While the world is linked more and more, our rights are only limited.

It is time for resistance. Who will win the fight for our rights online?

After all, we invite you to visit the official website you project and project site IndieGoGo.