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Watch Aaron Swartz Get Interviewed Months Before His Suicide

Three young New York filmmakers sought to document how the internet is largely controlled by profit-seeking corporations, even as it has evolved into the world’s gateway for speech.

Along the way, the three recorded what they believe is the last extensive interview with Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old programmer and activist who committed suicide in January, months before his federal hacking trial was to get underway.

“As a filmmaker, it’s wonderful when you find somebody who can convey the information like he does. He engages you,” Ben Caspi, 28, a producer for the forthcoming War For The Web documentary, said in a recent telephone interview.

Caspi, along with crew and cohorts J. Cameron Brueckner, 29, and Michael Wooldridge, 26, have recorded about 90 minutes of footage they shot of Swartz in July, in Brooklyn.

The feature-length film is expected to debut at the beginning of 2014.

In addition to Swartz, the film captures a Who’s Who of internet luminaries, including Google’s internet evangelist Vint Cerf; Richard Clarke, a cybersecurity advisor to former President George W. Bush; former Federal Communications Commission commissioner Michael Capps and others.

Source: WIRED